Last Update: 26th August 2019

This is the Documents page for the Horspath Archaeology & History Group.

The following documents are in PDF format (unless otherwise noted) and can be downloaded by clicking on the associated link.

Newsletter 23 August 2019

We thought it was time to give you another update on the various projects that we have been busy with since the previous newsletter and share news of new group members and the group website which is now live.

Download (7.6 MB): Newsletter 23-08-2019 (pdf)

MPRD Project Flyer

For our latest project, documenting the Metal Products Recovery Depot (MPRD), we have created a 2-page flyer which will be handed out in the HUB in Horspath to spread the word.

Download (6.1 MB): MPRD Hub Flyer (pdf)

The Lost Village of Old Horsepath

This document is an updated version of the summary of investigations into the "lost" medieval village of Old Horsepath which Chris and Sally distributed in 2018. With additional notes on a "lost" watermill at Cuddesdon and important input from Ivan Wright on an ancient track from Headington to Horspath, which may just turn out to be a branch of the main Roman Road through East Oxfordshire.
The current document is a draft dated January 2019. Revised editions of this document will be posted here.

Download (11.7 MB): Lost Village of Old Horsepath (pdf)

Newsletter 23 April 2019

Chris and Sally felt that an update newsletter to the Old Horspath paper was due at last, given some interesting recent research that has shed new light on the old village.

Download (9.3 MB): Newsletter 23-04-2019 (pdf)

Horspath Field Names

This is a document recording the field names within and around Horspath. Put together by Chris from various sources.

Download (60 KB): Horspath Field Names (pdf)

Oxford Archaeological Resource

Oxford Archaeological Resource Assessment 2011, "The Modern Period (1800-1950)", Compiled by Ruth Beckley and David Radford, Version: 28/1/2012

This report summarises the available archaeological evidence for the Modern Period (1800-1950) from the Oxford City Council Local Authority Area and forms part of the resource assessment stage of the Oxford Archaeological Plan. The aim of the report is to aid heritage asset management and inform field investigation and academic research.

Download (1.3 MB): Oxford Archaeological Resource (pdf)