This is the Resources page for the Horspath Allotment Association.

The following documents are in PDF format (unless otherwise noted) and can be downloaded by clicking on the associated link.

Geology and Soil Types of the HAA Allotments

This document was produced by Chris Pym and is a short guide to the different soils within the allotments. It explains how the underlying geology greatly affects your soil and what you grow and, more importantly, how to change the chemistry of that soil to improve your crops.

Download (700 KB): Geology and Soil Types (pdf)

Origin of Horspath Allotments

This document was produced by Chris Pym and is a 27 page investigation into the early origins of the Horspath allotments, from Tudor times and then the impact of the revolutionary changes brought about by the Enclosure Acts hereabout.

Download (6.7 MB): Origin of Horspath Allotments (pdf)

HAA Lock-Down Chronicle 2020

Some of you will have read in the national media that many of our more important archives and museums have been appealing for records and testimonies of Britain's experiences during the ongoing Covid pandemic. The plan is to leave a permanent archive of this time - at a personal level - for our descendants' benefit, and for future historians.

Download (7.0 MB): HAA Lock-Down Chronicle (pdf)

National Allotment Society

The National Allotment Society webpage has some useful information about looking after your allotment. See: National Allotment Society

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