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Last Update: 11th October 2019

This is the Home page for the Horspath Archaeology & History Group.

Use the links above to navigate around the site. If you are interested in joining the group or just want to find out more, please email me at:

Our Aim:

To research and develop over time, a web-based narrative history of the community of Horspath village; its landscape and local environment from phenomenological, archaeological and historical perspectives, from the Mesolithic era to the present day (including research into the "lost" Medieval village of Old Horsepath).

To publish our findings via email based pdf-formatted newsletter updates to a wide base of interested local people; occasional printed update newsletters for non-computer users, and an active umbrella website - with core documents archived - linked to the Horspath village website.

Our Methods:

Web and archival based research: satellite and aerial photography, geophysical surveys, and small-scale excavation where appropriate.

Our Standing Committee and their roles

Dr Simon Underdown; Overall group administrator and treasurer. (Speciality: technical survey equipment and applications). Department of Social Sciences, Oxford Brookes University. FSA, FRSB. Reader in Biological Anthropology. Director: Centre for Environment and Society; Human Origins and Palaeo-Environments Research Group.

Sally Humphrey; Group communications and secretary.

Geoff Roynon; Webmaster and IT advisor. (Speciality: aerial site research; archival and web-based.)

Jemma Underdown; Researcher. M.A. Reading University Department of Archaeology (Speciality: late Roman to Early Saxon period. Currently reading for a doctorate on this period.)

Chris Pym; Generalist Researcher to AD 1500. (Specialities: Old Horspath; Romano-British Pottery, and ancient local communication routes.)

Brian Lowe; Generalist Researcher Post AD 1500. (Speciality: village lectures and walking tours of Oxford University. Currently researching the local WW2 nationally important aircraft reclamation centre of MPRD.)


11th October 2019

The Home page has been updated with information about the aims of the group and describing the committee members and their roles.

26th August 2019

The latest newsletter has been added to the Documents page in pdf format.

20th August 2019

A new project describing some interesting circles/barrows along the Garsington Ridge has been added to the Projects page.

1st August 2019

The website logo has been updated and the name of the group changed. Brian Lowe will be adding his expertise as local historian to the group.

19th July 2019

The Reports page has been updated with results of a test dig in the Windmill Lane field.

9th July 2019

We would like to welcome Jemma Underdown to our group. She is currently doing a PhD at Reading University and focusing on the period between the end of Roman rule and the coming of the Anglo-Saxons. She will be helping as an Archaeological advisor.

23rd May 2019

The website for the Horspath Archaeological Group is now live.