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Last Update: 3rd August 2021

This is the Local History page for the Horspath Archaeology & History Group.

This page, and pages linked to this one, will discuss the history of Horspath and the local area from ancient times up to the present.

The majority of the text and images making up this section were supplied by Brian Lowe.

Various Timelines to do with Horspath

Horspath Timeline

Horspath St. Giles Church Timeline

Horspath Schools Timeline

Horspath Chapel and Hub Timeline

Horspath Railway Timeline

Horspath Images

Horspath Since 1500


Miscellaneous Images

Hennes Paintings


The Oxfordshire Local History Association (OLHA)

The Oxfordshire Local History Association website is well worth a visit if you're interested in the local history of Oxfordshire. Their website states:

The Oxfordshire Local History Association (OLHA) is for everyone interested in the history of our county. We foster and promote the study and publication of local history and act as an umbrella organisation for local history groups, of which there are more than 80 in Oxfordshire. We also campaign to preserve and improve services for Oxfordshire local historians.

Their website is here: OLHA Website